Divinity: Original Sin Quest Guide - The Talking Statues

Directions on where to find the talking statues and what to do with them.

A beggar on the eastern side of the city of Cyseal tells you his story of a statue on the cliffs to the west convincing him to burn his worldly possessions, leaving him penniless and homeless. Your natural curiosity sends implores you to seek it out.

The Talking Statues can be an obtuse quest if you let it be that way. What cliffs are the man talking about? Where are they, and what are you supposed to do with them once you get there?

As with my other Divinity: Original Sin quest or puzzle guides, spoiler markers (---) for those who just need a nudge in the right direction are in key segments of this article. If you feel you've gotten all the information you want or need to progress, do not read past the (---) marker.

Where are the talking statues?

You can find the talking statues in Cyseal Northwest, and to get there you must go through a cave located in the forest just north of town.


The exact location of the cave is found here:

There is an exit on the other side of the cave, from which you will end up on Cyseal Northwest.

Note: There is a fight found within the cave, based on your choices and the quests you've picked up before getting to this point.


From the cave, head to the location marked on the map below to find the statues.

Do note there is at least one fight along the way depending on the route you take.


What do you do with the talking statues? *basically spoiler-free answer*

Notice there is a sign for an element under each one? Those are the key to finishing this quest.


What do you do with the talking statues? *straight answer*

The elemental sign held by each statue shows you what to do: use an offensive skill of that element on the statue. And don't forget poison skills are Geomancy, and hence are Earth skills.

Do this only one at a time.


Use an Earth skill on the green statue, a Water skill on the deep blue statue, an Air skill on the teal statue (the one to the upper right), and a Fire skill on the red statue.

When you hit a statue with its corresponding element, a Lesser Demon of the same element will spawn and enter combat with your party. Each of these fights is against one level 6 Lesser Demon.

Once you have defeated awakened all four statues, the door on the platform will open for you to enter and complete the quest.

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