Gale Force 9 Releases Con Exclusives

Gale Force Nine has heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth! You can get your grubby hands on their hard to find exclusives now!

About a week ago, I posted about all the varied exclusives available for board games at conventions and through special preorder offers. Those exclusives have madeplayers a little upset when they can't travel to conventions or don't even hear about the promotions in their limited windows.

The costs for these promos reach ridiculous sums on Ebay. It seems Gale Force Nine has made a move to calm this crowd. Their convention-only exclusive for Spartacus, the "Champions of House Batiatus," is now available in their webstore.

GF9 went on to announce that they will continue this pattern for all future promotions. After a "suitable period," they will put exclusives in their webstore for collectors to grab.

Here's hoping that they put up a few of those Firefly exclusives next.


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Published Nov. 16th 2013

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