Mobile Game Might Make Kim Kardashian a Millionaire

Kim Kardashian game to garner $200 million in revenue, of which $85 million will go to the star-herself.

In an alternate world in which Kim Kardashian is not already a millionaire, one game could bring her the future (and fortune) for which she was hoping. Its name is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and apparently it's "all the rage."

If you already knew anything about the game, hearing the news has probably made you cringe as much as I did when I first heard. But it must be right: TMZ reported it!

According to one of TMZ's "inside sources" on the deal, Glu Mobile's breakout mobile game is set to earn the company $200 million by the end of the fiscal year. These numbers are supposedly based off of revenue garnered in the time since the game's late June release (as if they're expecting the interest to engage cruise control). 

In the deal which the company struck with Kim, 45 percent of all profits are promised to the celebrity for all of the work she put into the game (and by that they mean the commentative voice acting and namesake, likely the only reasons for the game's success).

Considering the company's expenses for the game amount to about $10 million, Kim stands to make $85 million total for her labor, doubling her reported net worth.

The Game

This game apparently consists entirely of Kim teaching the player how to "make it" in Hollywood, by utilizing the same tactics that Kim-herself employed (basically being the decent-looking child of OJ Simpson's lawyer and marrying famous people). 

Maybe I'm not giving Kim enough credit. I mean, apparently she helped to select all of the digital clothing options for the game, and maybe it was her idea to make all of the important clothing options into in-app purchases.

For Those Select Few to Whom That Description Was Enticing

The game is absolutely free (unless you take into consideration the importance of in-app purchases), and it's available at the iTunes App Store and Google Play. And for those console gamers that absolutely cannot wait for their own opportunity to become virtual stars, I'm sure EA will pick up the game.

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Published Jul. 19th 2014

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