Final Fantasy 15 Finesse Guide

Feeling down about your low FFXV finesse ranks? Here’s how you can bump those grades up!

It seems like a common trend for JRPGs is to grade the player based on their performance in combat, and Final Fantasy XV is no different. There are different report cards for different types of content, but the ones that have been giving most FFXV players trouble are the report cards for timed hunts. Read on to learn how to boost your FFXV finesse rank.

Final Fantasy XV finesse rank as laid out in the report card

While the Offense and Time grades are about as straightforward as they get (kill them all and kill them fast), the Finesse rank is pretty obfuscated; however, it makes sense if you think about it. “Finesse” means “skill” or “flair,” which means that if you want a high Finesse grade, you can’t just go on a killing rampage during every hunt -- you need to do the killing in style.

So, to raise your Finesse score, you need to start executing more parries and Blindside attacks (4 and 6 of each, respectively, should be enough) rather than just blindly mashing buttons if you want to get that A+ in Finesse.


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Published Mar. 9th 2018

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