League of Legends: Summoner School Workshop

Are you a Bronze or Silver League of Legends player looking to improve your skills? Then the Summoner School workshop might be the thing for you.

The Summoner School Workshop is a program started by Reddit user Wolf87. It's set up for two games a week, one each for Bronze and Silver players. These games put players of similar skill up against each other for practice. While they are playing, Platinum and higher players spectate the game, making note of what the players are doing.

After each match, the players all come together to discuss what took place. The Platinum+ players break down the events of the game, detailing what each player did right and wrong. Watching the recordings of previous weeks, it's a really down-to-earth atmosphere. No one uses condescending attitudes or belittles anyone's efforts, they just genuinely want to help.

Here's the week five Silver game with Dunebogey shoutcasting.

After looking into the program a bit and watching previous recordings, I reached out to Wolf87. I asked him if there was anything he wanted to share about the Workshop: how it started, what the goal was, and how players can get involved. He gave me three very detailed responses.

  1. This program was originally SNSS, (Saturday Night Scrim Series) which was just a community run scrim series ran out of our sub. The program passed from organizer to organizer and degraded pretty significantly. It had a pretty bad rep, lots of trolls. SNSS had not been running for a few months so, as a mod of the sub I decided I should take control over the program but relaunch it with new ideas and a better focus.

  2. The ultimate goal is pretty simple, to provide some feedback on improvement for players of bronze and silver ELO. Or to at least inspire them to seek out more help. I have some more ideas on how to expand on this program to do that, but for now I want to make sure the base is in good condition.

  3. Getting involved is pretty simple, I post a weekly event information and sign-up sheet every Sunday and it runs till that Wednesday. We are looking for players to actually play the games, as well as platinum+ level players looking to teach others.

    If people are interested in contributing in other ways, as an example, we have a long time redditor named Dunebogey who wanted to shoutcast from his stream... so he does that and I've been uploading his videos to our YouTube. His content is very casual and they mostly just mess around, but it is something.

As you can see, his main focus is to help. It's programs like these that the community needs to counteract all the negativity that we see and hear about. If you're interested in this program, unfortunately this week's teams were already selected, but check in at /r/summonerschool and watch for the notice post for next week's sign ups.

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Published Mar. 14th 2014

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