7 Pokémon from Sun and Moon and Their Real Life Animal Counterparts

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The Earth is full of strange animals we could never imagine. Game Freak knows that, and used this knowledge to take inspiration straight from the real world to create the first generation of Pokémon. Since then, they draw upon real creatures and the most bizarre objects, like a sand castle, while designing pokémon. 

Pokémon Sun & Moon are no different. Since they take place in an archipelago, many of the new pokémon look like paradisaical animals: toucans, koalas, lemurs and more. Others are based on more casual creatures, like the three starters showed above: Litten (A fire cat), Rowlet (A grass owl) and Popplio (A water sea lion).

In the following slides, you can take a look at seven pokémon from Sun & Moon and their real-life animal counterparts, which demonstrates that real animals are weirder than pokémon.

Published Nov. 30th 2016

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