Top 5 Best Counter Strike: Global Offensive Plays -- Ever

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Counter Strike was one of the most popular multiplayer Steam games for its time, sporting competitive gameplay, fantastic multiplayer and unbelievably fast paced action. It wasn't until 2012 rolled by when Valve released a remake/new Counter Strike game, titled Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Streamers and competitive gamers jumped on this game, making it one of the most played multiplayer games on Steam. And while some complain today because of “hackers” and “cheaters”, Valve did make some changes to the game to make it harder to cheat. And if caught cheating, you get banned. Simplistic at its best.

And while competitive gaming has been around for awhile, it was only until recently that Counter Strike: Global Offensive came to television with TBS' eLeague. Putting the best names in eSports against each other each season to compete for the finals.

And while some teams don’t make it to eLeague, some deserve credit for being a fantastic player. Which is why we are looking at the top five best plays in Counter Strike: Global Offensive!

Published Nov. 13th 2016

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