Fallout Shelter: How to Have Babies

Need to know exactly how much time you have to wait for that baby to be born and grow in Fallout Shelter? Here's the answer.

Fallout Shelter is a game that's all about time and resource management. Outside of a few accidents in your shelter, you're mostly allocating your workers to the right places to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. To get more workers, though, babymaking is essentia

However, the game is frustratingly obtuse about how long this process actually takes in game time. While the mother can still work if she's pregnant, she can't defend herself if attackers come. So once you've got some workers with babies on the way, exatly how long do you have to deal with a small defense force?

That's a simple question to answer. Three hours of real time is how long it takes for the baby to pop out and the mom to be restored back to her full capabilities. It'll take another three hours before the baby has grown up into a hardworking member of your community.

Keep in mind that no progress is made while you're offline. For example, if you get the woman pregnant, leave for six hours and come back, the baby will only have been born. To progress through the stages, you must be online.

So that's one question answered. Plan your day accordingly if you want to optimize your time in Fallout Shelter. And while you're waiting for that new vault worker to find their working legs, check out the rest of our Fallout Shelter guides for more help with this apocalyptic mobile game. 


Published Oct. 24th 2019

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