inFamous: Second Son Prompts PS4 Sales Spike in UK

The release of the well-received new PS4 exclusive has given hardware sales a boost in the UK.

When an anticipated exclusive title launches, the corresponding hardware almost always benefits.

inFamous: Second Son just launched last week but it has already given the PlayStation 4 a boost. According to MCV citing a "trusted retail source," sales of Sony's next-gen system jumped 106 percent last week thanks to the debut of Second Son. The new title currently sits at #1 on the UK software charts as well.

For comparison purposes, the Xbox One saw a 96 percent rise in hardware sales when Titanfall launched earlier this month. Obviously, both titles had a significant impact on their respective hardware systems, which is good news for everyone involved.

The only question now is: What's the next exclusive game that will generate such a sales spike? What's coming for the PS4 and Xbox One that will really help move more hardware units? Multiplatform titles can help but they're available on both consoles in question, so things should even out. Exclusive software is where it's at; looking down the road, you have to seek out the system-sellers.

The PS4 will eventually have Uncharted 4Gran Turismo 7, and likely a new entries in the God of WarThe Last Of UsRatchet  & Clank, and Killzone franchises. The Xbox One will benefit from the likes of Halo 5, but I'm not sure what else is coming.

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Published Mar. 24th 2014

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