EVO 2013, This is what happens when you dont give up!

With just a pixel of life to Spare, Tokido takes the win against K-Brad in the EVO Street Fighter IV Quarter finals

EVO 2013 is this weekend, and with day one coming to a close, it will be a surprise to see anything like what happened during a quarter-final round of Street Fighter IV. The match was between MCZ Tokido and FNEX EMP RG K-Brad fighting as Akuma and Cammy. Depending on a person's fighting style and school of thought, it is said that K-Brad's Cammy tends to be superior to Tokido's Akuma

Last round, last chance 

In the final and deciding round K-Brad demolished Tokido until his very last pixel of health. I wrote last pixel people! With that last pixel and a full combo bar, Tokido timed his super move perfectly, as people stood in awe whilst Akuma drops Cammy's health to under 1/8th. Again showing restraint and his true skill as a gamer, Tokido beats K-Brad with a simple combo putting a nail on his victory in the EVO 2013 Quarter-finals, thus proving that even when you are near defeat, the winds can change in your favor at the last-minute. 


Published Jul. 13th 2013
  • S2riker
    Wow, I'm not even a Street Fighter fan and that was fun to watch!

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