Hello Games Announces No Man’s Sky Update, Dataminers Unearth More

The revamp continues as the developers reveal The Abyss, an "eerie" and imminent update to the 2016 space-explorer.

While Starlink: Battle for Atlas may be the newest way for players to see the stars, plenty is happening with 2016's No Man's Sky.

Since the release of NEXT, a major update in July 2018 that was met with applause from critics and fans alike, Hello Games has launched 14 patches and kept fans informed about the state of the game with weekly development updates.

Now, they are back with yet another free update they are calling The Abyss, and it is releasing next week.

"We've called it The Abyss, because it focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man's Sky, in keeping with the theme of this season," Hello Games' announcement states.

While the announcement does not offer much information about the update, resourceful fans have found some intriguing details in the game's files that may indicate what players can expect from The Abyss.


Note: Speculation and potential spoilers follow.


Dataminers have located unimplemented items in the game's code that suggests that The Abyss may be a revamp of No Man Sky's oceans.

The most compelling evidence is a yet unseen underwater flora listed in the game files as "Abyssal Horror."

This is an exciting prospect for many fans, as richer and more explorable oceans would introduce an entirely new facet to the rapidly developing game.

All of the datamining done pursuant to No Man's Sky's oceans can be found on its wiki.


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Published Oct. 23rd 2018

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