Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Will Have Loot Boxes

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is free-to-play but has loot boxes with some important items inside.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is a free-to-play game, Tetsuya Nomura told Famitsu, and that means what it sounds like it does. Ever Crisis will have loot boxes as its "monetized element."

Unlike other free-to-play RPGs, such as Genshin ImpactFF Ever Crisis is not locking characters behind loot boxes. Ever Crisis' loot boxes only have randomized weapons and, sometimes, new costumes that didn't appear in the original Final Fantasy 7 collection of games.

That's not the only difference between Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy 7Ever Crisis adds dungeons and optional boss fights designed for players to challenge with any character from the FF7 universe. It's also streamlining the battle system for greater coherence in systems between Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and the rest.

Expect some new narrative elements too. Nomura said Ever Crisis' includes several original episodes, and the first will introduce Final Fantasy 7: The First Solider's backstory.

Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis will release on iOS and Android devices in 2022. There's no word yet whether Ever Crisis will appear on other consoles or PC.

[Source: IGN]


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Published Mar. 22nd 2021

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