EA Accidentally Teases Mirror's Edge 2

EA puts up Help Center page for Mirror's Edge 2 and then takes it down immediately. Whoops!

Hey, I remember this story...Fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are already familiar with Amazon being the one to spill the beans about unannounced upcoming releases. Earlier this month, the GOTY Edition for Black Ops 2 was put up as a preorder on Amazon Canada with a stated release date of May 21. Amazon Canada quickly had that page taken down, and it has stayed down though the posted released date has come and gone.Similar stories have cropped up in the last week surrounding the long-awaited (and as yet still unannounced) sequel to critically acclaimed Mirror’s Edge. Keen-eyed fans noticed product pages for Mirror’s Edge 2 crop up on Amazon Germany and Amazon Italy that have since been taken down.(screenshot courtesy of PCGMedia)It was noted that it was only listed for Xbox 360. And at a shocking price: €99.99 is just over $130 USD.  For a game. Hah! Oh EA, tell me another one. Seriously. Try me.Today, Mirror’s Edge 2 appeared on EA’s help center page on the official website. The URL has since stopped working because they are still being sneaky about it, despite both EA and DiCE’s broad hints about a sequel since last year, but Eurogamer was able to capture this screenshot.Here’s hoping the big announcement will hit at E3 in a few days. I could definitely go for a little more time running around in Faith’s badass shoes. 

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Published Sep. 8th 2017
  • McLain Anderson
    Great post Mirror! I've been waiting for a sequel to Mirrors Edge for so long... This better freaking come out! The first game was great I thought :)

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