Persona 5 Confirmed for 2015 in the West

Despite not making a grand appearance at E3, Persona 5 has had some information released and a website for you to explore.

Despite not making an appearance at any of the E3 conferences, Atlus has released some small tidbits of information about the long-awaited Persona 5. Atlus has released a “teaser” section on the official website that gives a few specific things for their fans to look forward to.

Atlus also released a slightly edited version of the Persona 5 trailer, which was originally broadcast in February. This new trailer has some of the Japanese words translated into English.

At last week’s E3 event, Atlus did reveal that Persona 5 will be released to its western audience in December of 2015. Up to that point, the only release date information revealed was that Persona 5 would hit Japanese shelves in 2015.

With taglines like “What Awaits? Glory…or catastrophe?” and "Steal back your future!" it seems that Atlus has something quite amazing and novel in store for the fans of the Persona Series, after seven long years of waiting. Fingers are crossed that Atlus will be able to announce a more specific release date sometime in the future.

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Published Jun. 23rd 2015

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