Seven Games That Should Have Multiplayer

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While some developers might feel that staying away from multiplayer improves a product, there are always games that are solid material for experiences gamers can share. With so many new games coming out, and some promising IPs, there's never been so many divergent and unique multiplayer games and modes. So in the spirit of new frontiers, here are seven titles that should totally give multiplayer a try.

Published May. 15th 2015
  • Tom Keech
    While in some of these games multiplayer sounds great, I would not want to see it added. Often times when multiplayer is added to a game, the single-player takes a hit, even if the multiplayer is only co-op.

    For instance, I am glad that AC is dropping the multiplayer, I feel that since it has been included the series has only gone down hill. III and Revelations were both dreadful in my mind, and tried to do too much. While I think Black Flag was better, it was really only because of the naval combat that made the game fun. It brought back the old Sid Meiers Pirates feel, and that was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

    Games like Fallout are definitely better left to single-player only, as is seen with ESO. While in theory, those games would run better with some multiplayer, it is hard to accomplish the same feel when other players are included. Even GTA does not have co-op on the main story missions, because it knows it would have to change too many things to allow for that to happen. And in the end, the experience wouldn't be the same.

    While I think this is a great wishlist, as a fan of single-player games which have been dying off in recent years, I hope that many of these remain single player only.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Actually, that's been repeatedly proven false. Often, the single-player is given the same resources as before, and a separate team works on the multiplayer. So no, the single-player doesn't take much of a hit. In the few cases where multiplayer ran alongside an even single-player, it was a game plagued by other problems (see: Mass Effect 3's rushed dev schedule, Dead Space 3's inclusion of a crafting system).

    You may feel that way but the multiplayer portion is popular enough that there are active tournaments for it. The multiplayer had been a part of the series since Brotherhood, which is arguably the highest praised entry in the series alongside Assassin's Creed II.

    ESO is completely different than what I am proposing. I proposed a second player being able to join, ala Saints Row, which is now predominantly a single-player focused series. It worked fine there, and there's enough demand that users have made mods that prove it could work in Fallout.

    Saying the experience would be different is not an argument against it, it is simply an acknowledgement of something being different. Portal 2 was different in co-op but was still equally enjoyable. As a culture, gaming needs to accept that "different" doesn't mean -bad-, just -different-. You'll also note that once again, Saints Row proves as a perfect example that GTA very well could do co-op, it merely chooses not to.

    Single-player is not dying. I am so tired of hearing about this. They've statistically shown that more single-player games have released in the past decade than multiplayer games. Multiplayer games have just been at the focal point of interest. The exaggeration is growing tiresome, and at one point I nearly put together a slideshow proving this was not the case. Perhaps I should reconsider that...

    I respect your opinion Tom, but I have had this argument easily over a hundred times now and it is almost like I'm re-reading the same script. Trust me, as someone who likes both offline and online play, that the idea that either mode of play is somehow dying is preposterous and being averse to either being included in a game does not mean the death knell that every "I only play single-player" gamer seems to fear it to be.
  • The Soapbox Lord
    Featured Contributor
    Ass Creed's downhill descent can be blamed more on Ubisoft's development schedule for these titles, and the lack of new ideas and improvements, not the multiplayer.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    In fact, the only time the MP went badly -- AC Unity -- was when they took the reigns away from the core MP team and put it in the hands of the SP devs. Hmm... curious, eh?
  • Tom Keech
    I agree that it CAN be done with equal resources and attention given to both the single-player and multiplayer aspects of the game. And we do see this.

    However, among AAA titles, multiplayer has become a must have it seems. While it seems to work at times, other times it doesn't. I would never say that GTA does not need multiplayer for instance, but Rockstar has managed both in a way that works. The single player in the game would not be the same if there was co-op on all those missions. However, the addition to join friends online and create chaos is fun and well implemented..

    In games such as Bioshock though, the multiplayer is not really needed. Those games are story driven. The solid story and beautiful setting sold that game, and while 2 and Infinite were by no means bad games, neither reached the same quality as the first, although Infinite was at least closer if you ask me.

    I have found myself moving away from the AAA titles in order to return to more single-player oriented games. Action games and shooters have an easier time adopting multiplayer. And while the occasionally RPG works in a multiplayer component, most pass. I think multiplayer works well in some games and not so well in others. RPG's and horror games are best left to one person unless properly implemented.

    You do point out that sometimes the issues with the multiplayer is due to tight schedules or other issues with the process, but that still negatively impacts the game.

    Don't get me wrong, I love multiplayer games, but I don't think all games need it, and some should just avoid it. I am not saying all of the suggestions you give are bad either. I think multiplayer in Deus Ex would be a neat addition, and Batman could benefit if it implements it correctly.

    But before developers decide to add multiplayer they should ask if it is
    1) Really needed
    2) Going to be implemented correctly
    3) Not going to take away from the single-player

    If they can do this, then go for it. I am open for change if there is a creative reason for it. I am against it though if they feel it is required.
  • RealFry
    At the very least they can make it a seperate download from the main game like metal gear does, or make it an expansion they dedicate their time to release by itself. There's definetly potential to do both an succeed in both. But I agreed with you to an extend on AAA games not doing multiplayer correctly, like watchdogs that has crap servers for online, only fun online mode left is hacking another player one on one, or the mobile app.
  • Auverin Morrow
    Senior Editor - JTP
    I never even thought about it, but multiplayer in Alien: Isolation (and sequels) would be amazing.
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    Yeah, I'm surprised we've seen such a heavy focus away from Alien-universe multiplayer games ever since AVP 2010. The series is just built for such a great online experience, they just need the right developer.

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