Next Pokken Tournament reveal likely to be Sceptile

Pokénchi presenter Shoko Nakagawa seen in picture with Pokken arcade machine; Sceptile, Farfetch'd, and Electrode on the advertising display

Pokken Tournament - the game expected for the Wii U in 2016 - just got a new hint as to what the next Pokemon to join the fray might be. Last week there was an announcement that, on December 10th, we would be getting news of a new fighter and two support Pokemon. However, today it has all been all but confirmed that this new fighter may be Sceptile.

This picture (right) shows Pokenchi presenter Shoko Nakagawa sitting at a Pokken Tournament cabinet. At the top of the unit is a poster that one would typically expect to see for various arcade fighters, displaying the moves and special attacks of the character with an image of the fighter as well. However, in this picture we see a Pokemon that hasn't been seen yet: Sceptile.

What's more, the printed instructions - according to Nintendo Life - appears to show Farfetch'd and Electrode as supporting characters. Personally, I don't see the latter, but Sceptile is certainly there in all its green and bulbed-back glory.

Does this confirm that the December 10th announcement will be Sceptile? Pretty much. However, I'm not entirely sold on one of the support characters. Electrode's there (the red box), but I can't see Farfetch'd at all. Maybe I'm just blind.

The Pokken Tournament new fighter announcement comes after a fan poll earlier this year in Japan where players could vote toward which Pokemon they would like to see in the next patch.

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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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