Morgan Returns to One Piece Treasure Cruise

Head to Extra Isle for your chance to grab Axe-Hand Morgan's evolved form for your own pirate crew.

Axe-Hand Morgan makes his return to OPTC in his evolved form!

As account on the game's official English page, Axe-Hand Morgan has returned to One Piece Treasure Cruise in a special event. For the next two weeks, players can fight the renegade marine, now the evolved Escapee Morgan, in four different stages on Extra Isle. They also have the chance of recruiting the marine for their own pirate crews and the chance to gain one of seven manuals.

There are manuals for nearly every one of Tony Tony Chopper's, Cabin Boy Helmeppo's, and Escapee Morgan's Specials. These manuals can be used as power-ups, each giving 5,000 EXP, and - if players are lucky - a Special Move level up. The higher the difficulty of the stage, the higher the chance of getting one of these manuals. Now, there's a little bit more of an incentive to take on the Elite or Expert stages.

The event only lasts for two weeks, so players should hurry and take on the renegade marine before it's too late.

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Published May. 17th 2015

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