Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom gets a trailer

The trailer for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom was shown at Gamescon 2015 with a planned game release for early 2016.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom got a trailer at Gamescon 2015 and, for what started as Kickstarter in May 2014, it looks really good. The Kickstarter raised just shy of $140,000 dollars which was $40,000 more than what was originally asked for. It’s in development by Enigami for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii-U, PC, Mac, and Linux. 

The trailer hints at the story for the game and delves into the characters, revealing tidbits of their personalities and some of their actions. The trailer also touches upon the gameplay which is open world exploration with some puzzles and an interesting combat system. It looks like there will be varying dialogue options to choose from when talking to NPCs as well.The trailer gives a huge glimpse of the world in which we’ll get to explore. 

Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.

As described on the Kickstarter:

“Halfway between a dynamic fights’ manga and the fantasy of an RPG, discover the amazing universe of Shiness!”

The game has a planned release in early 2016.


Published Aug. 6th 2015

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