From Zero to Hero: Biggest New YouTubers of 2018 Gaming Edition

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Creating content online and getting it noticed can seem like a nearly impossible task. Competing on a platform like YouTube is especially daunting due to the nearly endless influx of people trying to grab their own little bit of internet notoriety -- and cash.

But, that doesn't mean carving out your own space and attracting a solid audience is impossible. It just takes a lot of determination and work. In fact, some YouTubers work so hard at building their audience that in less than a year they're rocking a five- or six-digit subscriber count.

Whatever it is they're doing, these YouTubers are doing it right.

So, with the end of 2018 coming up fast, we thought it appropriate to introduce those of you who may not have come across them yet to some of these fast growing channels. After all, that kind of work deserves recognition.

Published Oct. 30th 2018

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