Ethereal Puzzle Game Humanity Hits PS4 and PS5 in May, Demo Available Today

From the creator of Rez comes Humanity, an ethereal puzzle game with lots of Shiba Inus.

Sony's "State of Play" for February 2023 has come and gone, but one of the more intriguing games shown during the stream was Humanity. An ethereal puzzle game from the creator of Rez, Humanity actually bears some resemblance to the PS3/PSP classic Echochrome. What that means is lots of guiding people around to locate exits while navigating tricky pathways.

A description on the PlayStation Blog reads, "Stranded at the end of the world, people have lost their sense of purpose. You awake as a dog, and join the people in a series of 'Trials' (i.e. stages), attempting to guide them towards pillars of light." That certainly sums up the game, which is likely to be similar to Rez in that the concept is easy to grasp, but the execution will be incredibly deep.

What gives Humanity an edge is support for both PSVR and PSVR 2. With the camera situated as if you're looking at a diorama, playing Humanity in VR should help with rotating around the blocky mazes to discover paths you may have overlooked. It should also come in handy when creating your own levels.

Yes, Humanity has a Stage Creator that can be used to create and share levels with people around the world. While not exactly a novel idea in 2023, it's still a great way to give this game some extra legs beyond the appeal of VR.

If you'd like to get a sample of Humanity, a demo is currently available on the PlayStation Store. Humanity will be hitting PS4 and PS5 sometime in May 2023.


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Published Feb. 23rd 2023

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