E3 2014: Mirror's Edge

Everything we know about Mirror's Edge from E3 2104.

During EA's presentation at this year's E3, we caught a new look at the upcoming Mirror's Edge. The segment was presented as a developer diary and showed a fair amount of game footage that was labeled as "conceptual prototype".

The game is meant as a prequel to the original Mirror's Edge which was released in 2008. It focuses on the protagonist Faith. Who is as a person and why she is doing what she's doing are important but playing as her with her new improved moves and skills is something to see. Faith is a parkour runner and all of her moves are based on her free running ability. Keeping her momentum up and constantly moving is key to the gameplay.

Everything is geared toward traversing and navigating this environment

Level designs have been changed dramatically since the original game giving Faith more options in moving across the environment and for taking down enemies. She can now round a corner while wall running by grabbing a pipe and swinging around the corner. She can leap off wall to take down an enemy with a single, brutal hit and then moving on keeping up her momentum.

She also has access to melee grappling and slide takedowns to aid her in her combat. The levels have also been expanded to tailor to a players' skill set. For the skilled players, you can take a shorter, more dangerous route while less skilled players can take a longer, safer path.

Mirror's Edge announcement trailer from E3 2013

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available on this amazing title. As a fan of the original Mirror's Edge I can not wait to get my hands on this. What was disappointing to me however, was that they did not have more to show of the game itself.

Yes, it most likely has a long way to go in development, but it was announced with a teaser trailer at last years' E3. For having a whole year under their belt they do not have as much to show as I thought they would. What I did see though, is amazing and I am super excited for more information.

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Published Jun. 10th 2014
  • Pierre Fouquet
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    Excited for Mirrors Edge 2, it is free roam right? I hope to god EA can pull it off, but I will only buy it of the reviews are on the site of good and up, if it's ok I will ignore it.

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