Layers of Fear 2 Adds Another Layer With Upcoming Nintendo Switch Release

Layers of Fear 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch soon, making the game available on every major platform.

Layers of Fear 2, which originally launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019, will round out the suite of consoles on which it's available with a release on Nintendo Switch later this month, on May 20, 2021. 

Layers of Fear 2 was co-developed by Dreamloop Games and Bloober Team, who recently launched The Medium as an Xbox exclusive and one of the first titles for the Xbox Series X|S. Ahead of the Switch release only days away, the developers have released a new trailer announcing the Switch port, which you can watch here: 

Players eager to jump into this harrowing experience can pre order the game on the Nintendo eShop, where it is currently 10% off the normal retail price of $29.99.

We reviewed Layers of Fear 2 back in 2019 when it first launched, and at the time said that "Layers of Fear 2 ups the ante from the original game's haunted house simulator style of horror, but that still leaves it all feeling too scripted to instill any real sense of dread". You can check out the full review here


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Published May. 12th 2021

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