Tera Online: New Elin Only Class Details Revealed

Translated details of the new Elin only class are on the official Tera forums.

The official Tera Online forums finally have details on the new Elin class. This class wields a weapon called Flying Scythe, a mid-ranged type scythe. To unlock this class, players need a level 40 character from one of the base classes. Don't worry, if you have filled your character slots, the Korean version has already confirmed an additional four slots with their update.

Unlike other ranged classes, this one seems very mobile. With several gap closers and position changers, locking this Elin down might be impossible. As far as complete details go: once En Masse has it ready, I'm sure they'll post official English patch notes.

Make sure you keep a look out for more news about this awesome class. I'll dust off my account to give it a try once it's released, so expect a full review from me after that. Make sure you check out the roughly translated post on the official Tera forums, for skills and images.

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Published Jan. 2nd 2014

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