5 Fan-Made Projects that Remind Us Why the Dark Souls Community Is So Amazing

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If there's one thing we've learned from the fearsome Dark Souls series, it's that sometimes things are just better together. With the first Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel coming up fast, and what may be the final time we Link the First Flame (or, y'know, walk away and leave the world in perpetual Darkness) on the horizon, we've decided to take a moment to look back at not only the series itself, but the very best part about it -- the community. 

Sure, it's hard to top the first time you ever stood victorious over Ornstein and Smough, finally snuffed the last embers of the Fume Knight, or stood toe-to-toe with the very Soul of Cinder. But some wins don't come with an 'Heir of Fire Destroyed' message. Some wins come from jolly cooperation -- from the community itself. Some wins are just existing and creating in these Dark times...

...and we're here with 5 of the best things to ever come out of the Dark Souls community.    

Warning: Amazing things ahead. 

Published Oct. 17th 2016

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