Horror game Allison Road will hit Kickstarter

Psychological horror game, Allison Road will get a Kickstarter very soon after demand from fans has been made evident.

As most of us know, Silent Hills was recently cancelled by Konami despite the upset that it caused in the fan base. As a result, the playable teaser (P.T.) available on the Sony PlayStation store for the game has also been removed.

Since the fan base has been distraught over this cancellation, horror game fans have started looking into a new game, Allison Road, which will now hit Kickstarter due to popularity.

Allison Road hitting Kickstarter

In the wake of Silent Hills being removed, the game Allison Road backed by UK studio, Lilith Ltd. has been in development since September 2014 will hit Kickstarter very soon due to a huge demand for the psychological horror game genre.

While Allison Road is not a replica of Silent Hills, the inspiration from the game does come from the P.T. and the fan base has flocked to this developer as their savior. This survival horror game will mess with your mind in all the best ways should you enjoy playing this genre.

Through the official Twitter of Allison Road, it's been confirmed that it will hit Kickstarter while also providing a supple perks and rewards for their backers. 

While I'm not a fan of the horror genre, I can respect how much thought and careful decision-making goes into these games with such an intricate story and thought-provoking environments. 

For more information regarding Allison Road, their official development page gives detailed descriptions of the game and their developers. Below is a prototype video for the game that was uploaded on YouTube a few months ago.

What do you think of this survival-psychological horror game genre? How will Allison Road stand out among the other games? Keep watch for more articles as their Kickstarter develops. 

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Published Aug. 19th 2015

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