EVE Online To Run Major Story Event On November 7th

The four empires have put out a one-time call for capsuleers to provide backup on a “massive, sustained assault on high-priority targets.”

CCP Games' live events are few. The last large-scale event staged was the Battle for Caldari Prime, back in March 2013. Approximately 3000 players took part in that event, which ended with the destruction of the Shiigeru, a Caldari titan.

CCP Games recently announced another upcoming live event, one that may very well dwarf the participation seen during the Battle of Caldari Prime. This has "unprecedented" written all over it. The four empires — Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar — working together against a common and mysterious threat:

"Acting on behalf of the navies for the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation, and Minmatar Republic, CONCORD has put out a one-time call for capsuleers to provide backup on a “massive, sustained assault on high-priority targets”. Kilkkuken Mallen, Chief Intelligence Operative for CONCORD, said, “We are currently unable to provide details on the target, as this would represent a significant security risk in the operation. However, this threat is considered extremely high to all law-abiding citizens of New Eden."

On November 7th 2013, all capsuleers are asked to report to one of two rally points, the systems of Sarum Prime and Meves. They will be formed into racial fleets, and are set to depart at 18:50 UTC.

Whereas the target is unknown, the destination might not be. Some claim that this unprecedented level of cooperation between the four empires is the result of a mysterious explosion that occurred in the Syndicate region on November 5th. A destination somewhere within Syndicate may be a very strong possibility.

Others claim that this might be an action against the Sansha's Nation in order to end their incursions into empire space. From a purely gameplay standpoint, that seems highly unlikely. Incursions are a major source of PvE content and income for players in EVE Online, and their removal would cause a great deal of player dissatisfaction.

Whatever the target might be, this is looking to be one of the more involved and popular live events in EVE Online history. So much so, that CONCORD has issued some strange and enigmatic warnings:

"Capsuleers will not be required, and quite possibly not allowed, to intervene [after the assault]. Moreover, we ask that capsuleers refrain from interacting with, or taking, any elements that might be set adrift in space during the course of this assault."

If you're a EVE Online player, be sure to be either the Sarum Prime or Meves systems well before the 18:50 UTC departure.

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Published Nov. 7th 2013
  • Alskari
    Hey Editors I like GameSkinny, but I have no interest supporting a site which plays host to an openly vindictive RMT drama queen.


    I'll just leave that there.
  • Poetic Stanziel
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    I take it you have a problem when people, upon leaving an MMORPG, decide to sell their in-game assets to other players? It is not a crime to sell virtual goods. You do know this, right?
  • Alskari
    I never said RMT was illegal. That's an attempt at misdirection on your part. EULAs are murky and you know it.

    Simply put, I merely hope to inform people of the fact that less than two weeks ago you rage quit the very game you're writing articles about now.

    Admittedly I trolled a bit too hard in my description of you, but the fact of the matter is that when you sold your EVE assets on Ebay you intentionally crossed a long established line. Now you must be using a different name, IP, and credit card to play the game. This alone should discourage any site attempting to be legitimate gaming news site from hosting your articles.
  • Poetic Stanziel
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    I crossed what long established line? Is this a line that you, yourself, have drawn into the sand? I apologize if I have not conducted myself according to your rules and expectations.

    Whether or not I am still playing EVE Online, exactly how does that concern you? Especially regarding payment for said account?

    Oh, and I hardly "rage quit" EVE Online. I simply quit. And sold my virtual goods to other players before doing so. I may in fact still be playing EVE Online, on another account, entirely anonymously.
  • Alskari
    The long established line of what constitutes RMT. Selling in game assets via Ebay will result in a permanent ban of your email, IP, and credit card. Things you know but are trying to confuse with the SOMER Blink ordeal.

    As for whether or not you're playing I don't care particularly, but I do find it amusing that you're still writing about EVE. And I like this site, so I'm just trying to make sure everyone's out in the open about their 'simply quitting' past since you deleted your original post.
  • Poetic Stanziel
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    Those rules on selling in-game assets are simply the rules of CCP Games. Since selling virtual goods is not illegal, and it's not against my moral code, I did so anyway. I took the punishment CCP brought against my empty accounts without complaint.

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