Destiny getting harsher on Crucible justice for PvP cheaters

Bungie will restrict or ban lag-switching crucible players.

Bungie is fleshing out the details of handling cheaters in the Crucible. In trying to ensure integrity and fairness in gameplay, restrictions and bans will be the future for lag-switchers.

Bungie's servers track player stats and, as we've seen, listen to the community. By tracking data, Bungie will dole out restrictions or bans based on internet connectivity that specifically relates to cheating. 

If a player cannot properly connect and stay connected, they are not considered a "worthy adversary"

Restrictions are temporary and will increase incrementally the with each one a player receives. Bungie will hand these out according to the player's severity of cheating. Players shouldn't worry about occasional disruptions in internet connectivity, however constant disruption will gain attention. Bungie's philosophy is that if a player cannot properly connect and stay connected, they are not considered a "worthy adversary."

Bungie will only dish out bans to extreme cheaters that they "never want to see in the world of Destiny again." 

Consequences may also affect pre-formed fireteams entering the Crucible even if only one player is cheating. So, don't make friends with cheaters. And to the cheaters: "let this defeat be a lesson."

Cheaters: Let this defeat be a lesson.

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Published Aug. 14th 2015

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