5 minions we feel bad about killing

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Minions. Mooks. Henchmen. Underlings. The cannon fodder between you and the big bad. Bowser has his goombas. Vader has his stormtroopers. Loki had . . . y'know . . . all of those weird alien-robot things in the Avengers.

Within video games, mooks are the evil foot soldiers that you must mow down like weeds if you want to advance. It's your duty. Heck, it's really just self-defense! But sometimes, we might get a little fond of the little baddies. Maybe we feel sorry for them. Maybe they remind us of a pet or a younger sibling or a version of ourselves trapped in a menial position under an evil overlord for the indeterminable future.

For whatever reason, some mooks just make us feel plain bad for crushing them beneath the swift heel of justice. Here are five underlings who at least warranted a decent severance package after their early termination.

Published Jun. 1st 2015

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