How to Start an Avalanche in Ring of Elysium

Having trouble finding out how to start an avalanche in Ring of Elysium? We've got you covered in this quick RoE guide.

Ring of Elysium presents a few wrinkles to the traditional battle royale formula, specifically in the late game where campers abound and helicopter shinanigans run rampant. However, it also presents an interesting twist in the form of avalanches. 

Although they look cool, Ring of Elysium's avalanches are more than just window dressing; they also offer strategic advantages by allowing you to level an area's buildings and crush any players hiding nearby.

However, you can only activate an avalanche in certain areas. To know where you can make avalanches happen, you'll need to look out for trigger points on the map. We'll cover what you need to know below.

Note: When you're doing this, you're definitely going to want to have the snowboarding equipment on hand to make a fast getaway. Trust me!

Go to the Outskirts Of The RoE Map

Go to the outskirts of the map and look for buildings partially covered and filled with snow. These are locations that you cannot spawn in during the early-game, so you'll need to seek them out.

They'll have broken windows and doors; in some ways, they'll look unfinished from a development perspective, which helps them stand out better. 

Make Some Noise to Trigger the Avalanche

The best way to start an avalanche is by making loud noises (which, in turn, make shockwaves). The most efficient way is to use guns and explosives

Pistols and rifles will make decent amounts of noise, but explosives, such as grenades, really set things off. 

Aim at the side of the mountain (or aim at the ground, depending on where you are) behind the buildings. Shoot or throw your explosives. After a few seconds, you'll hear the distinctive sound of rocks beginning to tumble, shortly by an incredible roaring sound.

Now Ride!

Now's the time to equip your snowboard and ride down the mountain to safety. You can take a second to free look behind you to see the rolling mountain of snow chasing you down the mountain, but make it quick. The avalanche will eliminate any player in the area, including you.

Damage Report

The avalanche lasts about fifteen seconds or so. Once it's finished, you can check out what it left behind. The area may not look like it had any snow added to it, but the environment does change.

You'll notice all of the buildings that were once standing in the area are nowhere to be seen. They were washed away by the white, roaring sea of death, although many of the trees still remain standing.

This may change in the future as the developers modify how the avalanche mechanics work, and what it leaves behind. But for now, you can use avalanches to destroy hiding spots and crush campers. 

It's not an entirely efficient strategy for climbing the ranks, but if you're in a pinch and need to escape -- or just want to devastate parts of the map -- this just might work. 


There you have it; that's how to start an avalanche in Ring of Elysium. 

Take your friends to a remote area of a map, find some hollowed out buildings, and then give them a good scare. Just be ready to run!

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Published Oct. 2nd 2018

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