HoloLens Pokemon Battles Are Awesome

Pokemon GO is awesome, the battles could be better. This is what it might look like using HoloLens.

Generalkidd on YouTube has posted a video of a pre-alpha build of a hololens Pokemon battle system including voice commands. Check it out:

Generalkidd says:

This game was originally meant to be a test bed for the battle system in the YuGiOh For HoloLens game I'm also working on. But after playing the Pokémon Go game that was released recently, I was a little underwhelmed by the battles in that game. So I figured the battle test bed for the YuGiOh game would be the perfect base for this particular game. I'm really excited to be working on both of these fun projects. Make sure to follow us for the latest updates on this project! We can't wait to make this a full reality!

If you have some coding chops, the code is available on GitHub and there is a blog for the project also. The YuGiOh version is available, too.

HoloLens is an upcoming augmented reality device from Microsoft which they have termed as "Mixed Reality", which is a mix of hologram overlays, augmented reality, data overlays and a headset which does not completely obscure your vision.


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Published Sep. 29th 2017

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