Octopath Traveler Guide: Best Weapons to Make Your Party More Powerful

There are a lot of weapons in Octopath Traveler. However, some of them make your party better. This guide shows you where and how to find those weapons so you're as powerful as you can be.

It's true that you can craft the most balanced party in Octopath Traveler and make it to the end of the game, but they're going to struggle if you don't equip them with the right weapons. The weapons you're looking aren't just any sword or spear -- they drasticly improve the strength of your characters during combat.

Unfortunately, you can't find a weapon early in the game and take it with you through your the end of your journey. Along the way, you'll need to pick up new ones as you face more fearsome foes.

Here's a break down of some of the higher quality weapons you should go out of your way to find!

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Best Early Game Weapons

The Golden Axe

There's a powerful starting axe you can receive in the first few levels. The bad part about acquiring this weapon is you have to start the game in a specific order. As it stands, you want to start with H'aanit, and then unlock Therion, followed by going to Alfyn's starting town.

When you start out as H'aanit, continue through her story as you typically would. Once you've finished up things, make your way to Bolderfall so you can go to unlock Therion for your party. Complete the prologue and continue through as if you were playing the game normally.

After you've completed Therion's tale, head down toward Clearbrook as if you were to unlock Alfyn. You do not want to start unlocking Alfyn when you enter town. Do not interact with him. Instead, when you enter town, look for a woman with a speech bubble standing in front of a doorway. Once you've found this woman, provoke her and defeat her in combat. It's good to know she's weak to swords.

With the woman defeated, you can freely enter the house and you should see an old man wandering around inside. At this point you're going to want to save the game. The reason? The old man is holding the golden axe and you must steal it from him. However, you only have a 3% success rate. Better to reload each time you fail than to gain too much negative reputation.

The stats of the golden axe are:

  • Phys. Atk: +265
  • Critical: +100

An Octopath Traveler Menu Shows the Old Man's Possessions and the Chance of Stealing the Game's Golden Axe

Captain's Sword

In Olberic's starting town, Cobbleston, you can provoke the Captain of the Watch to a fight and win his sword. Some players have reported they can beat him immediately after finishing Olberic's first chapter between Levels 8 and 10, but doing this is extremely difficult and takes a lot of healing items. The Captain of the Watch is classified as a Strength 4 opponent.

A good strategy is returning to Cobbleston between Level 13 to 15 to acquire this item. The Captain of the Watch won't be as difficult and the sword should serve as a great addition to your inventory.

The stats of the captain's sword are:

  • Attack: +60
  • Speed: +40
  • Notes: Occasionally decreases target defense

Elusive Shield

To locate this shield, you're going to need to travel to Atlasdam. When you arrive, head to the city's palace and go to the bottom floor. When you reach the bottom, search for a boy and you'll have the option to purchase the item from him.

However, if you have Therion, you have the opportunity to steal it from him. Make sure to save before you attempt to take it, as you only have a 3% chance to take it, much like the golden axe.

The stats of the elusive shield are:

  • Phys. Def: +21
  • Elem. Def: +24
  • Evasion: +56

Composite Staff

There are two locations you can grab this item. The first is from the boy at the bottom level of the Atlasdam Palace, the one who was holding the elusive shield. Again, prior from taking this item make sure you save your progress. Unless you want to purchase it.

The second location is in Flamesgrace. Head to the town's Weapon Shop and you should see a character called the Witness. They'll have this item in their inventory and if you want to steal it, you'll have a 3% chance to grab it. 

The stats of the composite staff are:

  • Phys. Atk: +18
  • Elem. Atk: +44
  • Notes: Occasionally puts target to sleep

Best Regular Mid-Game Weapon

Wizard's Rod

You can find this weapon in two locations. The first is in Goldshore; an NPC is holding it who is standing outside of the church. You'll have a 3% to steal it, so be sure you're saving before you do so; you can also purchase it for around 60,000.

The second location is in the Archmagus shrine, in a purple chest. This is a Level 45 area and may prove difficult, even for characters at this level. You will need Therion to open the purple chests, you cannot do it with a character who has the thief subclass.

The stats of the wizard's rod are:

  • Phys. Atk: +113
  • Elem. Atk: +300
  • Notes: Occasionally poisons the target

Best Mid-Game Forbidden Weapons

These unique weapons appear in shops roughly around the second chapter. They have incredible stats for your party, though they come at a small cost. Each one comes with an additional stat intended to benefit your opponents. 

Do not let this deter you as these items boost your party's mid game fighting. Unfortunately, you cannot steal any of these items from NPCs. You can only purchase them.

The Forbidden Sword

You can find the forbidden sword in Stonegard. Proceed to the lower part of the town and you should find three shops alongside one another. The shopkeeper in the middle will have the weapon

The stats of the forbidden sword are:

  • Phys. Atk: +310
  • Speed: +120
  • Notes: Occasionally increases the target's Phys. Atk.

A blond boy wearing a tan tunic stands outside of a shop that has a sword sign above its door

The Forbidden Spear

This weapon is located in Quarrycrest. You do not have to purchase this item, but you do need to defeat a guard to obtain this weapon. When you arrive in Quarrycrest, go to the lower level of the town and seek out an individual standing outside a house. You must defeat him to gain access inside, and once you do you'll find the weapon inside.

The stats of the forbidden spear are:

  • Phys. Atk: +320
  • Elem. Atk: +303
  • Speed: -98

The Forbidden Dagger

You will find this weapon in Stillsnow. Much like the first forbidden weapon, you will need to purchase it from an NPC. She's located inside of a small home to the right of the town. You can pick her out by the clothing she's wearing as her attire is similar to Primrose's dancer outfit. 

The stats of the forbidden dagger are:

  • Phys. Atk: 285
  • Elem. Atk: +155
  • Notes: Reduces fire and dark damage dealt

The Forbidden Axe

Head on over to Wellspring to locate this weapon. In order to get this weapon you're going to have to use Olberic. When you arrive in the northern section of the town, seek out a guard standing outside of a home. You will have to defeat him to gain access to the home. When you gain access to the establishment, you can purchase it off the NPC. 

The stats of the forbidden axe are:

  • Phys. Atk: +391
  • Accuracy: -50
  • Speed: +80

A guard with a bubble above his head stands outside a house in Octopath Traveler

The Forbidden Bow

You're going to need to be in Goldshore to find this item. You shouldn't spend too much time seeking out this forbidden weaponAll you need to do is proceed to the bridge to head to the second part of the town. When you load across, the woman on the bridge will have the item for sale.

The stats of the forbidden bow are:

  • Phys. Atk: +282
  • Critical: +121
  • Notes: Increases the chance of encountering enemies

The Forbidden Staff

The final forbidden weapon! You can find it in Saintsbridge. All you need to do is head to the town's Cathedral and on the right side you should see a Cleric. Speak to them and you can buy the item.

Note: You may want to forgo grabbing this item as the Wizard's rod, listed above, comes with superior stats with none of the drawbacks.

The stats of the forbidden staff are:

  • Phys. Atk: -100
  • Elem. Atk: +285
  • Critical: -50

Best Late-Game Weapons (Battle-tested Weapons)

Now we're getting to the good stuff! These weapons will prove invaluable when you attempt to take on Octopath Traveler's final dungeon and boss (once you've gone past the game's credits).

These weapons are the best in the game. You can only acquire these weapons from purchasing them from NPCs or stealing them using Therion. When you purchase any of these weapons, bring Tressa along with you to increase your chances of getting a discount.

Battle-Tested Staff

You'll find this staff in Saintsbridge, located in the town's Cathedral. Go inside and speak to Bishop Bartolo. He should have the item listed for sale.

The stats of the battle-tested staff are:

  • Phys. Atk: +212
  • Elem. Atk: +388
  • Notes: Occasionally slows your target

A map shows the town of Saintsbridge highlighted in gold

Battle-Tested Axe

We're going to the Woodlands and traveling to Victors Hollow for the axe. Head to the town's Arena Gate and look for Ned. He is located at the bottom of the first set of stairs you go down.

The stats of the battle-tested axe are:

  • Phys. Atk: +350
  • Elem. Atk: +250
  • Notes: Increases lightning and ice damage dealt

Battle-Tested Dagger

Run on over to Atlasdam to find the dagger! Instead of finding the weapon in town, you need to leave it to go through East Atlasdam Flats, down to North Rippletide Coast, into the Undertow Cove. Inside of this area you should find the NPC Vanessa Hysel, located to the right of the save point, who has the dagger.

The stats of the battle-tested dagger are:

  • Phys. Atk: +380
  • Evasion: +140
  • Notes: Occasionally decreases target's accuracy

Battle-Tested Blade

You will locate the blade in Wellspring. When you arrive in town, go to the left and keep going until you go down, and then continue left only a short distance. The NPC on the right inside of the establishment will have the blade.

The stats of the battle-tested blade are:

  • Phys. Atk: +400
  • Critical: +150
  • Notes: Augments your character's physical abilities

Battle-Tested Bow

To find the bow you're going to need to travel to S'warkii. When you travel into town go down, to the left and go until you reach the last house to speak to Z'aanta. He should have the item listed for sale.

The stats of the battle-tested bow are:

  • Phys. Atk: +385
  • Critical: +186
  • Notes: Occasionally decreases the target's physical defense

Battle-Tested Shield

You're headed to Marsalim for this shield. Upon arriving in town, head up the stairs to your left and speak to the first guard, located to the right of the stairs. You should be able to purchase this item from them.

The stats of the battle-tested shield are:

  • Phys. Def: +132
  • Evasion: -88
  • Notes: Restores your character's HP and SP following every action

Battle-Tested Spear:

The final battle-tested item is in Noblecourt! When you enter town, proceed directly to the right and keep going under you go down to the set of stairs to arrive to the house next to them. Go inside of the house and start the side quest called Mikk and Makk Make Good. Once you complete it, proceed to the city of Rippletide and locate Leon, the NPC you beat in the quest, and purchase the spear from them.

The stats of the battle-tested spear are:

  • Phys. Atk: +390
  • Critical: +148
  • Notes: Occasionally blinds your target

A well-armored character stands on a dock in Octopath Traveler

Those are some of the greatest weapons you can give your characters to make your party more powerful! Using them should help your party's progress as they continue through Orsterra.

Be sure to check out our other Octopath Traveler Guides while you're here! 

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