The Elder Scrolls Online: Flames of Ambition, Update 29 Out Now

ESO Flames of Ambition kicks off Gates of Oblivion's year-long story, while Update 29 adds some handy new Champion features.

The Elder Scrolls: Online Flames of Ambition DLC is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Flames of Ambition introduces the first part of ESO's new Gates of Oblivion storyline plus two new dungeons in addition to Update 29's free enhancements.

ESO's new dungeons are Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron. Black Drake Villa is a once-magnificent mansion turned monster den. Players partner with Eveli Sharp-Arrow the Wood Elf to purge evil from the mansion's depths and retrieve an ancient tomb before it's lost forever. The Cauldron pits Dremora Lyranth and the player against Waking Flame cultists bent on turning the local populations into their puppets.

Separate from Flames of Ambition is the free Update 29, which streamlines the Champion system. Players have more control over their Champion's playstyle with updated Constellations and new options for equipping passive boons. ESO Update 29 includes a detailed stat sheet to help inform build decisions.

All this is in addition to the usual new rewards, collectibles, and equipment expected from an Elder Scrolls Online update.

Think of Flames of Ambition as a prequel to Gates of Oblivion. Blackwood, the real first chapter, releases in June.


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Published Mar. 17th 2021

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