Shadow of the Eternals Back in Development after failed KickStarter

Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, has been confirmed by Denis Dyack to be back in development.

Started in 2013 as a spiritual successor to the 2002 GameCube game Eternal Darkness, the Kickstarter for Shadow of the Eternals failed to meet its goal and went into developmental hiding. But just last week, Denis Dyack, writer and director of both games, has stated Shadow of the Eternals is back in development, releasing both a new trailer and some new gameplay footage.

SotE A Dream Within A Dream from QE2 on Vimeo

Denis Dyack has also stated they will be using a new form of business model since the Kickstarter had failed, but he's optimistic about the options available to them. He is now in charge of a new company dubbed Quantum Entanglement Entertainment, which will be overseeing the new development for Shadow of the Eternals.

Unfortunately, other details haven't been revealed as of yet, as Denis Dyack and his company wishes to have all the specifics set before releasing more about the game. It is also unknown whether the game will continue to be only for the Wii U, or not at all.

Denis Dyack also runs a YouTube channel called The Quantum Tunnel, which covers abroad range of topics from games and movies to actual quantum physics. 

We'll keep you updated as more information comes out about the ongoing development of Shadows of the Eternals. Stay tuned!


Published May. 25th 2016

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