Risk of Rain 2 Bringing Server Browser in 1.0, Update Delayed

Risk of Rain 2's full release has been delayed, but players have a very convenient server browser to look forward to.

Hopoo's track record with Risk of Rain 2's Early Access content updates has been nearly spotless, but with 1.0 looming, the developer finally needs that little bit of extra time to get the game to a full release state.

The full Risk of Rain 2 1.0 release date has been delayed to August 2020, promising to peel out of its relatively short Early Access period in full bravado with a brand new server browser and hosting system.

Tossing the current quickplay system to the side, the new server browser will allow players to browse servers by active artifacts, specific player caps, difficulty, and ping.

The image Hopoo showed of the server browser also shows that rooms holding up to 16 players will be possible, which is an exciting prospect.

They also mentioned Risk of Rain 2 players on console will still be receiving the artifact update on time in June, but the console release of 1.0 will be delayed similar to the PC version.

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Published May. 22nd 2020

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