New Sniper Elite 3 Trailer Gives Us The Scoop

New Sniper Elite Trailer shows off beautiful North African landscapes and visceral x-ray kill shots.

The next chapter in the Sniper Elite franchise takes us to the gorgeous and unforgiving landscapes of North Africa. Developed by Rebellion and published by 505 Games, Sniper Elite 3 will be taking a more sandbox game approach with theater-like battles, and multiple objectives that can be completed in any order.

The new trailer shows off a lot of beautiful scenes from luscious oases to mechanical nazi warehouses, and even ancient ruins. The trailer also reveals a new inventory system, and user interface.

Personally I am really excited to get my hands on Sniper Elite 3. The visceral and all too revealing x-ray kill cam is always a cringe moment for me, especially if I find myself aiming at a Nazi’s family jewels; speaking of, next-gen testicles are confirmed!

If you pre-order Sniper Elite 3, you get a free DLC mission called Hunt The Grey Wolf. The DLC mission plays on the idea that maybe hitler did not kill himself in Berlin in 1945, but rather fell to a sniper bullet two years earlier during a secret trip to North Africa. 

Sniper Elite 3 comes out July 1st in North America on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and available everywhere else and PC on June 27th. Will you be getting Rebellion’s newest take on Sniper Elite?


I like metal and video games :D

Published May. 7th 2014
  • Hobo With A Keyboard
    Featured Contributor
    Actually got a chance to play this a month or so back at the gadget show convention, it seemed pretty good. I've only previously played the demo for the first in the series, so am not fully attuned to the game.

    I imagine you could have a really good time on this game once having gotten to grips with the controls and mechanics!

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