Starbound Updates Heading to YouTube

Starboud's Development team has taken to the YouTubes to showcase the latest additions to the game.

The early access title Starbound has started a new trend for itself this week with a video component for its latest round of updates. The point and click action-adventure scroller was gearing up to push out a major update this week, and started the process by giving us a developer-led debug opted romp through several new features. This was only the beginning though, as the indie site lit up with several reveals and blog posts slowly teasing more and more features until Thursday when patch notes were finally posted.

Highlighting the rather large amount of changes are the bookmark and teleportation feature for returning to previously discovered locations. Already staple of the series, the ability to travel back to planets one had visited before was a bit of a tedious effort in note taking and hand written log making. By adding teleporters and bookmarks, and allowing players to pick up side explorations directly where they left off; this new update offers a bit more permanency to the idea of favored locales and true homeworlds.

Starbound has been pushing the idea of making a place feel like home with its crafting system, and very builder-friendly sandboxish layout. Ever since adding progression mission into the game in 2013, there has been a slowly growing feeling that players shouldn't get as attached to worlds as one might think. However, these new updates have helped to alleviate these feelings by allowing players to not only place teleporters wherever they want on a planet, but also giving them the ability to port to more than just one unique planet.

Starbound is available on Steam, and still continues to update its way towards a full release.


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Published Apr. 5th 2015

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