Holocaust Inspired Video Game

Imagination is the Only Escape provides us with a potentially heartbreaking and heavy storyline.

Its name is Imagination is the Only Escape and before people scream about making a video game about the Holocaust. Check out the proposal video above! This game is not making light of the event by any stretch of the imagination.

The project was put up on Indiegogo a couple of days ago and Luc Bernard is asking for a goal of $125,000 in the next 41 days. It is centered around one of the most devastating events in world history (I had to say that because you would be surprised how many people don’t know about it), the holocaust, and there has been quite the buzz on various sites about how someone could make such a game. If you take time to read the information on the game, the team is making this game for educational and story-driven purposes. They seem to be taking careful considerations to make this game informational and fun for such a dark topic.

To summarize a little about the story, you play as Samuel, a Jewish boy whose family is forced to wear the Star of David and separated by the German Nazis. The boy then supposedly meets a fox who sets up a “if you help me, I’ll help you” situation.

The game is meant to be story-heavy and I think this game might be taking steps forward to improve story within gaming as an art form.  To read more about the game go to its Indiegogo page here. If funded it would be for PC, iOS, Android, and Mac. Don’t forget to come back here and tell me what you think of Bernard and his team making such a provocative and risky game! 

Published Sep. 6th 2013

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