ZombiU2 Listed For 2015 Release

ZombiU 2 could be dropping sometime in 2015.

ZombiU 2, the sequel to the tough Wii U survival horror game, will be getting a 2015 release, at least per Amazon France. It was stated that the sequel would come out in 2015. Amazon had the listing up, but it got pulled down quickly. Those pesky zombies must have seen someone using their internet and saw the listing, quickly pulling it down.

From the information gathered, the sequel will take place in the Big Apple, New York City. London was the setting for the original, and if this is actually true, it will be interesting to see how zombies attack NYC. The first installment has been crushed online for not doing enough with the Wii U Game Pad controls. It has also been criticized for control issues as well as gameplay issues.

This release information comes as a surprise, since the first game in the series didn't do as well as people had hoped. Only time will tell if ZombiU 2 is actualyl coming in 2015, or if it will see the light of day at all. 


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Published Nov. 30th 2014

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