You might be waiting a while for Amy Hennig's Star Wars project

That Amy Hennig led Star Wars game? Yea, you'll be waiting a while for that one.

You know that new Star Wars game being made by Visceral Games? The one Amy Hennig - of Uncharted fame - is heading up? Well according to EA CEO Blake Jorgensen the title is still a few years from being released.

While addressing shareholders in an EA 2016 earnings call, Mr. Jorgensen talked about how EA was investing in some new action games in order to boost profitability. It was here that the release window for the new game was brought up. Here's the quote:

"We are down to less than 15 major SKUs. And that feels like a good size of the business and we are obviously announcing that we are investing in some action-based SKUs by bringing people like Jade Raymond and Amy Henning into our organization to help build those. And those are obviously a few years out in our SKU plan." - Blake Jorgensen

While the news isn't really a surprise, it is disappointing that the new game is still years away. Having such a wonderful team working on the game has raised expectations quite a bit. Joining Amy Hennig is Todd Stashwick, a writer and actor, and Jade Raymond, executive producer of Assassin's Creed II, Watch Dogs, and Splinter Cell Blacklist


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Published Jan. 30th 2016

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