New ReCore Trailer Revealed at Gamescom 2016

Microsoft's 3rd Person shooter/platformer being directed by the former Metroid Prime director has received a new trailer.

The Xbox One and Microsoft Windows exclusive game ReCore revealed a new trailer at Gamescom earlier this week. You can check it out above.

The trailer briefly showcases several different elements of gameplay present in the game, such as third-person shooting, 3D platforming, travelling by interconnected rails, and stealing cores from the center of active enemy robots and keeping them for yourself.  

ReCore is being co-developed by both Comcept and Aramature studio; and will have Mark Pacini as its director, Joseph Staten as its writer, and Keiji Inafune as its producer.

Mark Pacini was the director of the Metroid Prime series, Joseph Staten is responsible for writing the fifth Halo novel Halo: Contact Harvest, and Keiji Inafune is often credited as the father of the Mega Man series.

The trailer doesn't elaborate any further into the story of the game; so those interested in that particular aspect of the game or the importance of it's setting and characters will just have to wait.

ReCore is expected to release in September of this year in all regions worldwide. 


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Published Aug. 17th 2016

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