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FIFA is one of my favorite games, even when the ref is being a dick. It can feel great when everything goes right and you score that perfect goal, but sometimes things go terribly wrong. Be they physics engine glitches or ridiculous AI mishaps, they bring a smile to my face (unless they happen to me in a game). Youtube is a treasure trove of these glorious moments caught on video. This is an ode to ten of my favorite failures of FIFA 13.

This is an example of a pretty common glitch that never fails to make me laugh. Sometimes, FIFA 13's Impact Engine (which is designed to resolve collisions between players and balls) fails horribly and just sends the players flying. This one gets bonus points for tangling up a player and the keeper and knocking the ball into the goal.

I love how many things go wrong for the keeper and completely right for the other guy. This is the sort of goal that would make me drop my controller on the floor at the sheer ridiculousness.


There's nothing quite like watching players suddenly get stuck on each other. Once again, FIFA's Impact Engine at work (or not at work I suppose). I love at the end where the keeper just gets up like nothing was wrong at all.

Having your player pull a hammy while running for goal is usually awful, but in this case, I think I'd be okay with it.


Sometimes I think the goalkeeper's AI is the worst of them all.

The Impact Engine has teamed up with the referee's AI to create a symphony of failure.


Some of the best goalkeeper AI failures come when the ball is right on the goal line. It's like the goalkeeper gets confused and can't decide what it should do so it just does nothing. Often to hilarious results.

This is one is in honor of all those times where no matter what you do, your players keep falling over one another and the ball keeps going back to your opponent.


What gets me every time on this one is the way the goalkeeper just walks away like it's not his problem. That good ol' goalkeeper AI doing what it does best: sucking.

This one gets a laugh out of me every time. There's just something about the position he's in and the fact that he's vibrating that is just the perfect mix of stupid and funny. Oh FIFA, never change.

Published Jul. 28th 2013


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