Destiny emotes cost 200-500 Silver each

Players will be able to dance the Carlton for 500 Silver, Bow for 200, or wait for future consumable items!

Upon arrival at the Tower in Destiny today, players should head directly to Tess Everis' new booth and see what she has to offer. Every player has been credited 400 Silver to purchase "an emote or two" from the new Eververse Trading Company. Speaking of emotes, the hilarious character actions come in two rarities, Legendary and Rare, and cost 200-500 Silver each.

Microtransactions have finally made their way into the game and players can purchase unique items from Tess Everis, if they're willing to spend some of their hard-earned cash. We've seen that Silver, the currency used to purchase Eververse wares isn't free, costing between $5 and $20 for bundles. Whether or not that price is worth the receivable goods, is up to the player. 

 Available Eververse Goods on Day One

Emotes are the only available item on day one. However, it is quite obvious other items will be accessible at a later time. Rare emotes cost 200 Silver each, whereas Legendary emotes cost 500 Silver. Sneakily enough, 400 Silver is gifted to everyone from Bungie, meaning if players want to dance the Carlton or Slow Clap it out sooner rather than later, they will have to open their wallets. Eighteen emotes are available from launch including:


  • Pumped Up
  • Swing
  • Safe
  • Blowing a Kiss
  • Booyah
  • Formal Bow
  • Bring it On
  • Victory Cheer
  • Come at Me
  • Congrats
  • Cower
  • Evil Scheme
  • Oh, Please
  • Sorrow
  • Tantrum
  • Watch Your Back


  • Enthusiastic Dance (The Carlton)
  • Slow Clap

Many emotes feature truly comical actions such as shivering in terror or throwing a temper tantrum and really lighten up an otherwise grim game. When playing as a Guardian, a hero of the universe, expectations are that the character is a super serious individual set on saving the world... until the ego is released, and our hero pretends to knock one out of the park with an invisible baseball bat. 

Of course, the Legendary emotes are the best, Enthusiastic Dance gives Guardians a spring in their step and lessons from Alfonso Ribeiro himself. It's not unusual. Slow Clap is "Great. Just great. [It's] really, really great."

To get their hands on the two best emotes players will either have to purchase more Silver from the online store, or play between now and December, during which Bungie plans to award the coveted currency. Instead, players can instantly buy two rare emotes, or wait for future content.

Returning Items

Something unforeseen, and gladly received, about the Eververse Trading Company, is the option to return items. Any items purchased can be returned for a full refund, as long as they are returned within fifteen minutes of the purchase. This is helpful for players who accidentally buy the wrong emote and spend their hard-earned cash on something they don't want.

A very special secret that the "Item Returns" menu divulges is the future availability of consumable items for purchase. At then end of the blurb describing "available returns" the game states:

"Consumable items are nonreturnable."

In the future, we can probably expect to see Black Wax Idols, Ether Seeds, and Ammo Syntheses. Until then, expect to see a lot of dancing in the Tower social scene.


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Published Oct. 13th 2015

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