New Destiny Leak Reveals Information on Future Content

Some new leaks data-mined from the servers shed light on future Destiny content.

Some good news this week for avid Destiny players with patience problems.

Players who are too impatient waiting for more information on the upcoming DLC “The Dark Below” which will be released this December, as well as several new features coming to the famed title, can have a peek at some leaks that sheds light on some of the forthcoming material.

The leak includes many new things including new raid set gear, a Cabal XP booster, several new items, as well as new event coming in the not-so-distant future.

The information was collected through data-mining the servers of the game, then posted to DestinyDB, then marked by Reddit user SwordofCrota.

There is data that details some new armor for each class, complete with other new knick-knacks, the mining also revealed the name of the new event, the Trials of Osiris. This event will allegedly come jam packed with a new hand cannon, a legendary sparrow and a Trials of Osiris emblem.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the level cap will be receiving an increase alongside a new higher level strike playlist.

Details from the next available raid entitled “Crota's End” specify that it's projected for players in the level range of 28-32, with 28 being normal, and 32 being the hardest difficulty. As for the new strike playlist, the lowest entry level appears to start at 28, which is sure to be a god-send for high-level players looking for a challenging strike.

If you have been getting somewhat uninterested in the repetitiveness of the game currently, this new information is sure to revitalize your interest and grant some excitement for the changes happening in the near future.

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Published Oct. 20th 2014
  • topher339
    At this point I don't think there is much they can do to get me to keep playing Destiny. I've been steadily losing interest in the game over the past few weeks. It was great when it came out (like Titanfall but better) but eventually (also like Titanfall) stopped being entertaining. The leveling is TOO much like an MMO to me. Many of the items just take too long to find. The armory in the Tower is useless. Every time I went there I had better weapons than what they offered. I like MMOs but I didn't want Destiny to be much of one. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but that's just how it is to me. Once The Master Chief Collection comes out I'll probably stop playing Destiny all together (like I did Titanfall and Ghosts). I've gotten three major games for my One and, so far, they haven't really kept me playing.

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