Lost Saga launches in NA, King of Fighters' Iori Yagami a premium character

Iori Yagami makes a guest appearance in this free to play brawler.

MMO fighting game-slash-beat'em up Lost Saga has officially launched in North America, with a very special guest: Iori Yagami of King of Fighters fame. Everyone's purple flame-wielding lunatic is available in the game's cash shop, and for a short time those who add him to their fight roster permanently can get some nice goodies with their purchase.

Lost Saga offers a more fun-focused fighting game experience along with its co-op brawler content, featuring both PvE content and a traditional fighting game mode with on-demand character switching and an equipment knock off mechanic during fights. Each character in a player's roster can also be leveled up and upgraded, rewarding the repeated use of individual characters.

In celebration of release, the event "Iori's Curse.. of FREE STUFF!" is in effect until May 16. Players who purchase Iori Yagami during this time will receive the following in-game items:

  • 10-hour Dwarf Potion
  • An extra Hero slot
  • 1 permanent gear chest
  • The Horse Dance 2 emote (Gangnam Style?)
  • 10,000 GP, the in-game currency

Something to note is that this is classic Iori and not the one seen in King of Fighters XIII stripped of his Orochi flame. Score!

Lost Saga is up and free to play for North American and Canadian residents. Those in other regions are out of luck, as publisher WeMade Entertainment USA has instated an international IP block sans these two regions.

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Published May. 3rd 2013
  • Lobor
    Interesting fact for Europeans AND Americans: Wemade actually PROMISED to do something about a European solution and they DENY that now...

    The following text is taken from a Facebook post (22th of January 2013)

    "WeMade USA like to let you know that the new LS (Lost Saga) service will be available for US and Canada only.
    But it DOES NOT mean that you can’t never play the game again.
    All the players from Europe and S. America will have to wait just a little longer for a new announcement from our headquarter.
    Our HQ ‘WeMade Entertainment’ has already started planning and working to open new services to cover both Europe and S. America.
    Simply WeMade USA will serve US and Canada but other publisher(s) will serve Europe and S. America.

    Again Don’t worry about not being able to play LS if you’re in Europe or S. America."

    If a new LostSaga Europe becomes reality, there'll be far less people dragging down the US servers with IP hiders so...
    I encourage BOTH European and American fans to spread this quote so people know that WeMade has a promise to fulfill and CONFRONT THEM with their own post.

    Let's end WeMade's current xenophobic attitude!

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