Fan Vote to Decide FIFA 17 Cover

A fan vote starting today will decide the cover star for the upcoming FIFA 17.

Electronic Arts announced today a new contest to decide between four possible covers for the upcoming FIFA 17 game. From now through July 19th, fans can go to EA's website to vote for their favorite cover.

The possible cover stars are the previously announced ambassadors for the game: James Rodriguez of Real Madrid C.F., Anthony Martial of Manchester United, Eden Hazard of Chelsea FC, and Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund.

Fans can vote once per day and earn extra votes by sharing their choice with the hashtag #FIFA17CoverReward. Fans can also show their support by Tweeting with the athlete’s hashtag (#FIFA17Hazard, #FIFA17James, #FIFA17Martial or #FIFA17Reus). Later in July the winner will be revealed on the cover vote website.

FIFA 17 releases in North America on September 27th and worldwide on September 29th.  Fans of the franchise can pre-order their copies for PS4, PS3, Xbox-One, Xbox 360, and Origin for PC.  Also available for pre-order is a "super deluxe" edition of the game, offering some extra goodies to play with when the game comes out.

Ready to make your case for the most deserving of the four cover stars? Frustrated by the four finalists chosen for the vote? Comment below and let us have it!


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Published Jul. 5th 2016
  • Amy_6333
    I had a hard time deciding between Rodriguez and Martial! I went with Marital for a couple reasons: 1. the actual photo was better 2. he is super young and has accomplished so much! Good for him!

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