5 Best RimWorld Mods You Should Install Right Now

Organized Research Tab/ResearchPal

The "Organized Research Tab" is the single most popular Rimworld mod to date -- and for good reason. In many ways, this mod was formative not just for the modding community, but for the game itself. The mod was an unbelievably useful organizational tool from the very beginning of RimWorld's release, offering players an easy way to sort their research. 

Unfortunately, the creator of the mod was relatively unsuccessful in updating the mod for A17, meaning that some of the features may not function as well as they have in previous iterations. "ResearchPal" is included in this slide because the modder recommends it as a similar alternative. Both tools are practically essential for a streamlined Rimworld experience, and let you spend more time focusing on the game itself rather than trying to sift through a multitude of tabs. 

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Published Jun. 27th 2017

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