Best Fortnite Cosplay of 2018

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Brittany's (@kawaiiwaiku on Twitter) turn in the Shadow Ops Fortnite skin gets super high marks from me for its sleek simplicity. You can check out a better view of the full front of the costume here on Reddit.

A prolific cosplay model on Patreon, this is not Waiku's first go-around in the Fortnite fandom - some sharp-eyed fans might also recognize her for her turn as Teknique. (You should check out the link anyway because sometimes happy coincidences like having a similar sleeve tattoo and pink hair means you're destined to cosplay someone.)

High marks for cool makeup, wicked props, and awesome weathered-looking foam shin pad armor. Zero marks taken away because some people on the internet like to nitpick about how long her hair is supposed to be (get a liiiife). 

Published Jun. 20th 2018

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