Victory Royale! The Very Best Fortnite Cosplays

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If you haven't already noticed: Fortnite is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. (Did I really just use a line out of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to describe the vastness of Fortnite's reach? Well, if you've followed the phenomenon even the slightest, you'd recognize the appropriateness of doing so.)

Fortnite is huge. Epic Games' smash 'em up/battle royale cartoon funfest has really hit its stride and everyone's playing it, on one platform or another (it's currently available on everything under the sun... PC, console, mobile - eventually you'll probably play Fortnite Mobile on your toaster oven).

Sony itself just took a 2% hit to its share price after players found out their third-party accounts could not be used on the Nintendo Switch and sync with progress made on PS4 - essentially forcing them to start from scratch under a new account registration.

But of course, being the number 1 Twitch streamed game on the planet and also public enemy number one in the most recent backlash against video game addiction and violence still isn't enough. There's still the convention floor to completely take over... and with both closet cosplays and talent crafters like Little Jem (above) on the task, Fortnite is well on its way to making that happen.

(Photo by @littlejem4 on Twitter.)

Published Jun. 20th 2018

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