Total War: Rome 2 on Pre-Purchase, with TF2 Content in Steam

Steam has Total War: Rome 2 available for pre-purchase. Get a great game, with also some Team Fortress 2 content to make Rome come alive!

Sega has launched a new game on Steam for pre-order:Total War: Rome 2. If you thought Total War: Shogun 2 was great, Rome 2 will definitely impress you. Not only does this game come with Team Fortress 2 content, it's also sold more pre-purchase copies than Shogun 2 did.

Free TF2 Content?

With a pre-purchase on Steam for Total War: Rome 2, players will be given a wreath in their Team Fortress 2 inventory. Now here's the cool part: when you equip the wreath, it'll make your game of TF2 look like you're playing Total War: Rome 2. A game to use this content in would be Mann vs Machine, and you'll start to notice Rome Bots come alive. Not a bad idea, you get a new game and content for your TF2.

What should we expect from Total War: Rome 2?

In Total War: Rome 2 there will be player factionsbased on key powers. The powers include Greco-Roman, Barbarian, and Eastern Cultures. Using these factions players will have a more in-depth game experience not found in earlier Total War games. Don't forget, you'll have different military specs, political systems, and tech trees. A few factions brought in with the game are Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Parthia, and Egypt. 

A new pack, Greek States Culture Pack, will be available for purchase and pre-purchase with more factions such as Athens, Epirus, and Sparta.

We can expect great game-play and battles from Total War: Rome 2. Post a comment with your favorite memory or battle within the Total War franchise.


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Published Aug. 22nd 2013
  • ExParrot
    As an avid fan of the series since Rome Total War I will defiantly spend more time in Rome II than I did in FOTS (a whopping 900 odd hours). This title marks a new milestone with the series, everything that CA has been improving throughout the other TW games will be included making this the most exciting release of the year for me! The major changes to the campaign map and the new ways that units can work is going to present a challenge. Although, to be honest, I'm a little sceptical about how the multiplayer will work, as I was quite happy with the setup of the STW2 avatar conquest and customisation options. I will still play this all night, as soon as it's downloaded and installed!
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    No surprise here Jack! Mr, I know how many hours you've played in Shogun 2, and I'm not shocked that you've already pre-ordered this one! I know you'll love it, and maybe I'll let you play it with Jesse. ;)
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Well, I could never get into RTS games, but this one looks pretty cool.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    RTS games are difficult to get into if you're not really into military things and battles. I'm not all for that so it's more like casually playing against friends for the 'lols'.
  • MyNameIsProjekt
    I've never had a chance to really play any of the Total War games but I have heard a lot of good things about Shogun 2. And if Rome 2 has more pre-orders then that could really be saying something. Pre-order numbers don't define how good a game will end up being but I expect Total War: Rome 2 will be most excellent.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    I've played Shogun 2 and Rome and I find the trailer for this one to be better than the others by far. I'm not too-into the games but I enjoy a play here and there. I probably won't be purchasing this just yet, if at all. It can be very time consuming.
  • Stainlessoyster
    I'm really excited about this game because I'm fan of other Total war games.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    And I bet you'll end up purchasing it this December! ;P

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