Modders ruining PC GTA V Online?

Modders and Script kiddies are ruining GTA V Online.

Back on December 15th 2015, Rockstar put out its latest free expansion to GTA Online. New and exciting missions and toys to buy came with it. You could buy yachts, new cars and armored Gatling gunned limousine's. It was great for a few days.

Then it all went to hell. Well, why do I say that? It seems it only takes a couple of days before the modders have cracked what ever code it is that Rockstar puts in the game to stop them from doing what they do in the online version. But as you all know modders and hackers are a devoted group, so it only takes a few days for them to work around the code.

With that in every public server your hounded by these script kiddies. What are script kiddies, you may ask? They are the guys that scour the free hacking sites searching for the best scripts/hacks to run to make it easier for them to win at a game. These scripts that people are running are causing those of us who don't run them to stop playing on public servers thus hindering our ability to enjoy killing random internet opponents.

The script kiddies are running around in god mode while your being shot by them, and they don't take any damage while they just decimate you. Then they stalk you like they are a great player doing this over and over again. Wow how fun can that really be? I don't understand it myself.

Then these script kiddies also throw in game money at people which you can get banned for having. I know I was given some on one of my characters and am currently banned for a few days. The reason Rockstar gave me was because I was given in game currency. I asked why I was banned and not the script kiddie, to which I am still waiting on an answer about. I didn't ask the script kiddie for it, it just started happening with money bags falling on my head on a public server.

This video is from before the current update.

They spawn rare and the normal cars, fully tricked out. You can tell this by the shiny chrome exterior of the cars. This for some reason doesn't bother me as much. But its still a crazy thing to see happen in front of you, because these script kiddies are not afraid to do any of this right in front of you.

If you piss them off, oh your bound to get a variety of things "attached" to you, anything from Ferris wheels to phallus objects. Which in most cases will crash your graphics and kick you from the server and the game. That makes the game not fun.

It seems to me that Rockstar really isn't doing anything about it, other than banning the innocent and the guilty alike. There are no plans for any anti-cheat from what I have read on their forums or in their news updates. So life in GTA V Online public server is really horrible.

Well that's my opinion on how GTA V modders and script kiddies are ruining a great game.

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Published Jan. 9th 2016
  • thomasgray97
    It was only a matter of time really. Mods totally change the game, not always for the better...
  • Rob ChYph3r
    This is true, I mean the mods for single player are awesome. There are some really good ones out there. But when the modders start to manipulate the Online code to help players in ways not made by the maker, its just ridiculous to me.

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